Many people dream of migrate to Singapore because there life is considered at its best. Singapore is an efficient and clean Asian city that retains the charm ,well-developed environment. Expats from all over the world move to Singapore in large numbers on a yearly basis and get settled there. Singapore is consisdered as the easiest city in Asia for expats to fit into and it allows foreigners an opportunity to become acquainted with different cultures in a relatively safe and modern environment.

Cost of Living in Singapore
Singapore offers a very high standard of living but this can come at a price. Expatriates who seek living conditions that are similar to that they enjoy in their home country will find that property prices are very high here, whether they rent or buy.Own a car is very expensive due to the heavy taxes that are imposed on vehicles.But if you are moving there for professional work, your salary will match the cost of living, and many companies offer expats competitive packages including school and accommodation.
Expat Job & Career Opportunities

If you are highly educated and have work experience there are many opportunities open to you in Singapore. However, Singaporeans themselves are well educated it can be very difficult to find a job that will provide sponsorship.People who are planning on moving to Singapore, and who are not in a position to transfer with their own company, should have a job lined up before they arrive in Singapore.
Key Facts Every Expat Should Know About Moving to Singapore
1. It is actually warmer and drier in the eastern part of Singapore. This is worth bearing in mind when you are choosing which area to live in
2. You are required to pay a tax in order to own a television.
3. In Singapore you can own license for up to one year but after this period you will be required to convert to a Singapore license
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