I think that living in Canada is more expensive.Salaries are approximately the same, but the currency is cheaper, taxes are higher and prices for almost everything (including accommodation) are also higher.Canada is expensive place to live.
“Shareef Mohammed”

The healthcare system of Canada is not perfect. It is severely flawed and that can inconvenience you if you don’t have sufficient cash at hand or medical insurance. The wait times are particularly harrowing.
“Tariq Amaara”

Living in Australia is costly.The wages are lower than what they should be given the cost of living.You cant save here. Its difficult to meet the daily expenses.
“Atuar Rahman”

Canada is home to people from all across the world.But as in other countries here the tax is also very high.Even with the tax deduction and benefits,you might also be surprised at relatively high taxes ranging anywhere between 20-30 of your income.
“Lawrencial Aboagye”

Living in Malayasia is not as such good decision.Rent and real estate prices are absurdly high in cities and reasonable if you are far from cities.So half of your salary gone in paying rents.
“Ariane Duputy”