New Zealand is a gloriously sunny country. Unfortunately, it’s right under the hole in the ozone layer. Less ozone means more UV rays; more UV rays mean more skin cancer. It’s so easy to get sunburnt here. So Issues realted to health more.
“Maame Boadu”

Living in New Zealand is exciting but I had a very relaxed attitude towards housing standards. This means that many older houses are poorly insulated, amongst other faults. It’s rare, for example, to find radiators in New Zealand houses.
“Emaan Ahmed”

It’s expensive to travel. Gone are the days of cheap, short flights to explore different countries. The shortest flight out of New Zealand is about three hours and is usually quite pricey. Even internal flights can be quite expensive at times.
“Saf Nassam”

I have been living in Uk since 3 years.I have experience sudden changes in whether.It can be sunny for a few hours and then snowy for another few hours and then rainy at the end of the day.
“Benedicta Ababiga”

I was able to spend more than two years in Brazil due to my work in the telecommunications industry.It is accommodation, transportation, and some goods that are the most costly. Food and services are very reasonable.
“Gifty Fosu”

Traffic is a big problem throughout the country, and your cost of living in Germany has to include transportation costs, but you can keep things more affordable by living in or close to the city.
“Anjali Nambiar”