Best way to get Australian PR

Best way to get Australian PR


Australia is the best immigration destination in the world. It has better quality of life and high standard of living.Australia has a huge demand for the skilled workers in almost every field .The people from different parts of the country migrate to Australia in search of better quality of life and settle there on permanent basis. Among many applicants there are large number of people who applied under skilled migration.

There are many ways to get Australian permanent residency through the worker or business category:
Employer Sponsored Workers : When an Australian employer sponsors a foreign national worker in Australia.
General Skilled Migration : For people that are not sponsored by Australian employers but possess a skill valued in Australia.
RSMS : Regional Skilled Migration Scheme is very popular for those working outside the major cities.

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The easy way to get Australian PR is to apply a point tested visa,ie Skilled Independent subclass 189 Visa.It is most applied visa category by the overseas immigrant workers coming to Australia every year.This visa is one of the best and easiest Australian visas to apply and obtain if you meet the basic eligibility criteria.Subclass 189 visa is a permanent residence visa that allows you to live and work in Australia permanently.
The Skilled – Independent Visa (subclass 189) is based on a 3 stage application process.
• Stage 1
The first stage of the application process involves completing a skills assessment with the relevant government body. Your skills assessment enables the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to judge if you have the required level of skill in your chosen occupation to practice in Australia.
• Stage 2
Once you have received a positive skills assessment, you will need to submit an Expression of Interest through skill set
Stage 3
Once you have been issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you can continue to the DIBP stage of the application, where you can submit your final, complete application to be approved by DIBP so your visa can be granted.

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Canada is popular as an immigrant friendly country. It provide just perfect environment for immigrants to settle and work. The immigration system of Canada has also won the word of appreciation all across the word. The PNP program is an easy way to get entered in the desired province of Canada. Immigrants who want to live and work in a specific province or territory can have a better opportunity. The country ensures speedy processing and it is a fast-track way for those who want to secure the Canadian Permanent Residency.

With education, experience and skills and ability, an applicant becomes eligible to get visa of Canada under Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The application for the PNP Program is accepted via the Express Entry System. The benefits of Provincial Nominee Program of Canada are as follows:
1. Provincial Nominee Program ensures a quick mechanism for processing of the application. This leads to awarding of a Permanent Resident status much faster than one can anticipate.
2. The eligibility criteria of Federal Immigration program follows a Points Based System, which makes it relatively tough to compete. Nevertheless, candidates may apply through much-relaxed criteria under these Provincial Nominee Programs.
3. Each state has a different Provincial Nominee program with specific requirements. Hence, applicants who failed to qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker program may apply through their respective PNPs. The Provincial Nominee program serves as a sigh of relief for such candidates.
4. Some provinces exhibit a friendly behavior towards employers. If an employer recommends an individual who is competent enough for contributing to Canada’s economy, the province would normally accept such a nomination. However, the employer must provide evidence of eligibility and good faith for such an individual.
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Some Provinces and their Provincial Nominee Program are as below:
• Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) allows British Columbia to select immigrants to fulfill the provincial labour and economic market needs.
• New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) choose immigrants to fulfill the provincial labour and economic market needs of New Brunswick.
• Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) program helps Northwest Territories to nominate eligible individuals for Canadian immigration.
• Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) nominate eligible immigrants to meet the labour and economic market needs
• Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) program allows this province to nominate individuals to seek permanent immigration of Canada.
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Singapore as an Expat Destination

Singapore as an Expat Destination


Many people dream of migrate to Singapore because there life is considered at its best. Singapore is an efficient and clean Asian city that retains the charm ,well-developed environment. Expats from all over the world move to Singapore in large numbers on a yearly basis and get settled there. Singapore is consisdered as the easiest city in Asia for expats to fit into and it allows foreigners an opportunity to become acquainted with different cultures in a relatively safe and modern environment.

Cost of Living in Singapore
Singapore offers a very high standard of living but this can come at a price. Expatriates who seek living conditions that are similar to that they enjoy in their home country will find that property prices are very high here, whether they rent or buy.Own a car is very expensive due to the heavy taxes that are imposed on vehicles.But if you are moving there for professional work, your salary will match the cost of living, and many companies offer expats competitive packages including school and accommodation.
Expat Job & Career Opportunities

If you are highly educated and have work experience there are many opportunities open to you in Singapore. However, Singaporeans themselves are well educated it can be very difficult to find a job that will provide sponsorship.People who are planning on moving to Singapore, and who are not in a position to transfer with their own company, should have a job lined up before they arrive in Singapore.
Key Facts Every Expat Should Know About Moving to Singapore
1. It is actually warmer and drier in the eastern part of Singapore. This is worth bearing in mind when you are choosing which area to live in
2. You are required to pay a tax in order to own a television.
3. In Singapore you can own license for up to one year but after this period you will be required to convert to a Singapore license
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Immigration Consultants in Dubai


Immigration Consultants in Dubai
Sync Visas trusted Immigration Consultants in Dubai have expert immigration lawyers and consultants for handling your visa application. We have in-depth knowledge in the field of immigration industry as well as immigration procedures. We accept application only if it has a chance of success. The major visa services which we do cater are skilled worker visa, business visa, student visa, work visa and visitor visa. Our vision is to provide quality migration solution to clients in GCC countries.

Our highly experienced team will provide relocation solutions to clients who wish to migrate to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many others. As immigration consultants, we deliver detailed information and services to our clients.

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Do you know what immigration is? Immigration is the movement of people goes from one country to other countries with the intention to settle down or reside there.

Why you choose as your immigration consultants
·         Success Oriented
·         Expert Immigration Knowledge
·         Data Protection
·         Hassle-free immigration process
·         Immigration lawyers handle your visa application
·         Simplified visa application procedures
Different steps involved in the immigration process
1.      Check your eligibility by meeting our immigration lawyer or immigration consultants.
2.      Submit your required documents.
3.      Our lawyer lodges your visa application.
4.      Visa granted.

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Ontario Express Entry Application




Ontario has invited Express Entry applicants with CRS scores between 433 to 441

The most popular Provincial Nomination Program among express entry applicants, Ontario Human Capital Priorities stream has invited around 511 new Notification of Interest or EOI’s from the recent round of invitation draw which happened on February 27, 2018.
The selected express entry applicants who have a comprehensive score of around 433 to 441 were issued Notification of interest from the recent draw.
Applicants who received Notification of Interest from Ontario are eligible to apply for the provincial nomination program by the province. Also, the applicants who got the positive response from the province are eligible to get an additional score of 600 CRS score. In addition, it automatically makes them eligible to get the Invitation to apply or ITA from the federal government.
The Ontario provincial Nomination authority has stressed the fact that they are issuing Notification of interest to applicants who have submitted their express entry profile between 01 January 2018 and 22 February 2018.
The Human Capital priorities stream is a unique Immigration program in Canada. It allows the province to search for highly skilled applicants who have a Comprehensive score above 400 along with the other requirements.
The recent selection is the fifth and the largest draw from Human Capital priorities stream in 2018. A total of 1808 invitations have been issued by Ontario to express entry applicants in the first two months itself.

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Make A Career In CANADA As A Skilled Worker

Make A Career In CANADA As A Skilled Worker


Canada manages skilled worker immigration under the Canada express entry system. If you are a skilled worker and want to apply for Canada ,and want to start your career there you can do this under skilled migration visa category.

How Does CANADA Skilled Migration Visa Work?
If you get a skilled migration visa, it allows you to live and work in the country for an indefinite period. Also, it happens to be a multiple entry visa. To apply for this visa, you will have to fulfill certain conditions for Canadian migration visa. The Federal Skilled Worker program follows its own steps according to various factors.
It is designed to show if the applicant and dependents will successfully establish in Canada.Ideal applicants will possess skills and experience compatible with in-demand occupations.

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Applicants for Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program must score a minimum of 67 to qualify for a visa. Applicants can scored on 6 factors:
• English and/or French language ability
• Education
• Skilled work experience
• Age
• Arranged employment in Canada
• Adaptability
Once you score the number of points as desired, the visa is applied and processed for the final stage.
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Immigrate as Skilled worker through Express Entry
Express Entry is an online management system for selecting the highest-ranking skilled immigrant applicants to the existing immigration programs (Federal Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades and some Provincial Nominee Programs) from a pool of candidates to become permanent residents of Canada.

Express Entry manages applications for three of our key economic immigration programs:
• Federal Skilled Worker Program
• Federal Skilled Trades Program
• Canadian Experience Class
If you’re eligible to immigrate under one of these immigration programs then;Your file will be placed in the express entry pool and you will be ranked using various factors. You will get invitation to Apply to a specific program, if you are top applicant.
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Australian Visa Types That You Can Apply

Australian Visa Types That You Can Apply


Australia became one of the most fascinating countries to most of the immigrants these days.  Australia has variety of visa options that you can apply for.Australia is an exclusive and varied  country in every way in culture, population, climate, job opportunities, secured place for your family and good educational environment .Australia demands people like YOU, people who have professional skills and have expertise in their field.

There are a number of visa options available for Migration to Australia, and knowing which visa to apply for should be the first step taken when making plans to travel to Australia. Following are the visa options available.

  • Skilled Migrants Visa
  • Business Migrants Visa
  • Family Migrants Visa
  • Temporary Visa

Permanent Entry Visa

To become a permanent resident of Australia applicants can apply under two main migration categories:

The Migration Program – Under this migration program  who wishes to move to Australia permanently can apply for this.

The Humanitarian Program – In this refugees and anyone who is in a refugee-like situation can apply for this migration program.

Australian Skilled migration visa– The purpose of the Skilled Migration Program is to attract highly employable people for migration to Australia. It is the most common form of migration to Australia. If you are a skilled worker interested in moving to Australia, increase your chances of success by applying  or  by filling our Free Assessment form and get our experts advice  .The applicants  those have entrepreneur skills and want to invest in foreign business can apply under this category. This visa allows you:

Invest and manage a business in Australia

Initiate an entrepreneurial activity in Australia.

Investment activity and handle business in Australia.

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Family Migration Visa-The  family member of the applicant who is looking to migrate and is not able to support themselves, such as an aged person or a dependent child, then they can apply through this category. There are no eligibility tests for skill level or English Language required. There will be health and character assessment as required by all migrants. The other family members like children, spouse, parents are eligible and can under this category.

Australian Study Visa-The students those wants to complete their studies in foreign universities and want to get settle there ,can apply for student visa.We will  assist you in assessing your qualification for the Student Visa for Australia and work through the entire processing system, assuring you of a stress free application procedure.

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